Concepts and Studies

One of our major focuses is on the transfer of expert knowledge into a specific work-context. Our areas of expertise include: consulting in rural areas; sustainable food security; mitigation and adaptation strategies with respect to climate change; promotion of economic development and value chains; civil conflict transformation; community development and decentralisation.

We support our clients by designing measures for their organisation, program or project; and by jointly developing realistic strategies for implementation.

Our expertise is transmitted through expert discussions, direct counseling of executives and teams, or trainings. In this process we combine theoretical content with empirical experience and adapt these to the required context. This procedure can relate to a country, an organisation or a concrete problem.

We offer the conceptualisation and implementation of customized studies, research, online surveys and other empirical studies. This may include feasibility studies, quantitative and qualitative baseline surveys, as well as follow-up surveys and impact analyses. Feasibility and usefulness of the results are our priority.