Strategic Planning

We have successfully accompanied a variety of strategic planning processes in governmental and non-governmental organisations for many years. This rich experience provides us with vast applicable knowledge of goal-oriented and systemic planning methods as well as instruments and allows for customised results.

Our areas of specialisation: project and program planning, development of regional or sectoral strategies, organisational and departmental framework planning, as well as the development of new structures, instruments, portfolios and work flows.

We support you, your target groups, key stakeholders and all involved actors by:

  • analysing the relevant socio-economic, developmental, organisational and political environments
  • developing scenarios for future developments
  • identifying key potentials and problems (of a region, a target group, a market, and/or an organisation)
  • formulating clear visions and goals as well as success criteria for the future, while keeping the basic values of the respective stakeholders in focus
  • developing strategic options for achieving project and organisational goals
  • translating strategic planning into operational plans and budgets
  • communicating resulting strategies in a supportive manner to others